"After 8 years of feeling very unwell, fatigued and joint pain, unable to concentrate and a lot of gut issues I decided to try Biomagnetic therapy. The therapist found many bacterias, viruses, fungus and parasites in my system despite my blood tests coming back clear everytime. After 4 sessions I began to feel much better and after 6 I am back to my old self again. This is an amazing therapy and has given me my health back. Very grateful!" Jackie

"Thank you Pauline, your magic has worked again, first you helped me conceive and after a short and active labour I have a beautiful chilled out little son. So happy and blessed. Thank you." Rosaleen

“I suffered from headaches & sinus for years, the only relief I got was through Pauline and her healing reflexology treatments, I still attend regularly for relaxation, bliss!” Margaret C.

“For years I’ve battled with depression, with the nurturing therapies and gentle encouragement I began to feel better and more positive about myself”. Louise.

“For years I’ve put up with pain and tension in my back, I recently attended for deep tissue massage. Pauline knows exactly where to work to relieve the tension and knots, and finishes off treatment with lovely Indian Head Massage, I feel great!” Gerard.

"The 8 week MBSR was held in a warm and supportive environment, the tools and techniques learned over the 8 weeks have greatly helped me in my everyday life, I am more accepting of things as they are now and live more positively. I am a much happier and more relaxed! Thanks so much". John.

Testimonials for MBSR course

"Last year I decided to enrol in MBSR course with Pauline because my life was very stressful. I needed to find a way to deal with it as my health was suffering. Mindfulness has brought an awareness to me that is now a natural part of my life. I can “see” my stress as it gets worse and am able to jump in and take measures to alleviate it. The exercises have helped me to slow down and stop, take a step back and “protect” myself. I feel better, calmer, more in control. Life is still stressful, but manageable. I would highly recommend this course.” Bernie

"The course came at a time in my life when stress was at its highest for me and I was starting to feel like I couldn’t cope. My mood was low as well as general motivation, self-care and zest for life. The course was the first step to self-care, to try to free myself a little from my frantic mind and it has really helped..There was a lovely rapport within group. Excellent delivery of content. Huge benefit personally and professionally". Jackie

"This course (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) has been life changing for me. It has helped me deal with stress and anxiety and depression in a very practical way. It has given me the toolbox of skills and strategies that can help me to manage and reduce anxiety. I am now much kinder to myself and more positive in my life!"Brenda

"Before the course commenced I had a concern about being part of a group, something I used find challenging and even daunting. With the Mindfulness class however, such concerns soon dissipated and I found the atmosphere warm and supportive. Another surprise was during the home exercise when I found that eating with mindfulness meant enjoying more the taste of the food. I think that the most lasting effect of the course for me is the awareness of the breath. I now find my breathing to be more relaxed". Helen

"This course is fantastic – it has helped me to trust in my own inner knowing, to accept myself as I am and to break the cycle of reacting from fear. I recommend this course to everyone who struggles with fear, anxiety, self hatred and physical pain. Worth every penny!" Philip