Mindfulness for Illness

MBSR (for people living with chronic pain & illness)

mindfulness for illnessMindfulness meditation for people living with Chronic Pain, illness & cancer …. course adapted to suit needs of group…

Mindfulness meditation has been proven to alleviate psychological and physical suffering of persons living with cancer & other illness. Studies show positive improved psychological functioning, reduction of stress symptoms, enhanced coping and wellbeing in patients. This adds up to a greater sense of peace, ease, and resiliency while living with illness. The stillness that comes with mindfulness meditation fosters deep, physical relaxation and an opening of the heart. Through present moment, non judgmental awareness, the body and mind access internal healing resources and deep compassion. “There is so much fear around what is happening, but if you stop struggling against what you cannot control, you’re more able to find that peace and strength inside of you that allows you to manage and cope with what you’re going through.” Self-compassion. It’s not our fault when life takes an unexpected turn that poses challenges we didn’t ask for. The healthiest thing we can do when this happens is to treat ourselves as kindly as we’d treat a loved-one in need. This opens the door to finding peace—and even joy—because we’re committing to being present for our life as it is with caring attention.

Bring large towel or mat, cushions provided. Dates – to be confirmed…..

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